About Us


We are able to speak up for individuals and act on their behalf and them in a range of complex situations such as benefit assessments , appeals, with debt agencies, social services, housing, doctor's appointments.


We provide individual support for people facing a range of issues or who are in difficult situations. Working 1-2-1 we work with people to identify and address their main barriers, develop coping skills, improve confidence and well being


We provide support over a period of time to help and guide people through difficult situations, to overcome issues and barriers and change their lives for the better.


Whilst working with people to address their issues and barriers we actively support them to become stronger, more confident and gain control over their own lives.

Just Straight Talk is a Community project supporting people by providing the practical help and motivation they need to turn their lives around and reach their life goals. 

Since 2012 JST has worked holistically with the hundreds of individuals, from complex situations to simply those that just need a helping hand. The team constantly goes the extra mile to ensure full support for people by providing a range of practical, inspirational support and mentoring. JST has a strong track record of helping people increase their confidence and self-esteem which results with engaging positively within society.

JST can help people in a range of ways including:

Increasing confidence and self esteem

Support with homelessness

Improving health situations 

Help to complete complex application forms

Support into employment, training and education 

Help to reduce loneliness and isolation

In essence..

  • We are passionate about supporting people to turn their lives around 
  • We are a person-centred organisation seeing every person as an individual with their own specific needs
  • We work together with the person to help them feel empowered

Our values

Respect – Non-judgmental – Commitment – Consistency and Positivity  

Here at JST we provide emergency crisis welfare support for people during their journey to ensure that nobody is left without food, warmth, emergency accommodation and a roof above their head. we are lucky enough to receive some financial support from Mid Counties Co-op but it doesn’t always stretch so you can help us by topping up this pot of money please donate now it will go a long way to help more people across the black country to lead healthy and happier lives.