Walsall Bridges

funded by uk government
powered by leveling up
west midlands combined authourity

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Walsall Bridges - UK-SPF

We are now pleased to be able to say that our services have extended into Walsall to deliver the UK-SPF Bridges with Steps to Work and other partners.

JST's Jo, offers and provides a package of bespoke both 1-1 and group activities working with partner agencies to ensure that people in Walsall aged 16+ are given the greatest opportunity to increase their life chances and achieve their potential.

JST has significant experience of supporting people with a range of inspirational engagement and support with a dedicated team who consistently go the “extra mile” for people many who have fallen through societies gaps.

JST see every person as unique & treat everyone with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We make every meeting count and engender confidence and trust in people quickly.


JST believes that it is imperative to look at everyone on their own merits and meet them at whatever stage of development they are currently at, in order to ensure the building blocks are in place to develop and create a personal progressive and mutually agreed assessment plan which meets the individual's requirements and empowers them to fulfil their objectives. This might be from well-being, health, community connections and training and employment.

JST has 10+ years’ experience of supporting people through a range of inspirational support and an unrivalled staff team that consistently go the “extra mile” for people in communities who have often felt ignored, pushed out and alone in society.

If you would like more information on this service then please do not hesitate to call or text Jo on 07539 008 510

How We Can Support

We can support YOU to identify personal and vocational goals for self-improvement, outside of Your caring role.
This would include but is not limited to:

  • Attend activities to increase well being

  • Increase confidence and motivation

  • Move towards becoming work ready

  • Increase skills levels & experience

  • Move into the labour market

  • Sustain in the labour market


We are able to speak up for individuals and act on their behalf and them in a range of complex situations such as benefit assessments, appeals, dealing with debt agencies, social services & housing.


We provide support over a period of time to help and guide people through difficult situations, to overcome issues and barriers and change their lives for the better.


We provide individual support for people facing a range of issues. Working 1-2-1 we work with people to identify and address their main barriers, develop coping skills, improve confidence and well being.


Whilst working with people to address their issues and barriers we actively support them to become stronger, more confident and gain control over their own lives.