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What We Do

Digi-Dudley has supported hundreds of older people in Dudley aged 65+ to connect to the outside world and reduce isolation.

The project provides you with the tools and confidence to reduce isolation, improving social connections, the IT equipment, accessing practical resources online and accessing the wide variety of sources of entertainment that are available to people.

There is an increasing move towards online activities, such as health and financial information, accessing utility companies, social group meetings, shopping, ordering prescriptions all of which have been further exacerbated by the Covid 19 pandemic and now the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

These challenges have meant a reduction in the opportunity to have social face to face contact. For many of the older age population there is a significant risk that they may be further left behind, becoming more isolated and alone and unable to access vital services all of which negatively affect a person’s ability to connect and contribute to society which can exacerbate a person’s mental health & well-being.

The project delivery aims are to improve mental well-being & connections the older population of Dudley by providing 1-1 and group sessions.  By helping them access digital resources, access other services, gain new skills and confidence, increase mental well-being and become more digitally included for the long term.

By participating in Digi Dudley older people feel more included and less isolated and lonely in society. They form new friendships and increase in independence & skills.

How We Can Support

  • Basic use of intended devices/tablets/phones/laptops

  • Internet searching

  • Setting up and using email accounts

  • Registering for NHS app, to order prescriptions/book appointments

  • Registering for online shopping

  • Staying safe online

  • Social Media and community connections

  • Using video call platforms i.e., zoom etc

  • Understanding messaging i.e., WhatsApp

  • Registering for NHS app, to order prescriptions/book appointments

  • How to listen to music or YouTube via device/equipment

  • Various online pathways and social groups to participate

"Joe's Story"

Joe is 72, due to losing his partner in 2021 he lives alone, and his mental health is declining. Since 2021, he has struggled with loneliness and isolation that was only made worse by the pandemic. Joe had also become housebound as a result of leg and back pains that had grown worse affecting his mobility. Joe stated that he was digitally isolated because he did not find technology to be accessible or affordable. He had begun hearing voices in his head telling him to self-harm and began actively attempting to take his own life.

As a result of Digi Dudley’s support, 8 house visits and gifting him a tablet Joe now independently uses the tablet we have loaned to him to listen to YouTube, BBC iPlayer and audiobooks. He listens to calming music and interesting programmes for hours most days as he states that this blocks out the voices. For this reason, he described the tablet and our support as lifesaving as it had reduced the number of attempts on his own life by blocking out the suicidal voices. As a result of Digi Dudley’s support Joe uses his tablet to maintain social connections on Facebook and WhatsApp, including talking to his sister for the first time in 17 years. They now talk daily. As a result of Digi Dudley’s support Joe now uses Zoom and Microsoft Teams for online coffee mornings and appointments. This is pivotal for reducing isolation and keeping appointments with healthcare professionals.


We are able to speak up for individuals and act on their behalf and them in a range of complex situations such as benefit assessments, appeals, dealing with debt agencies, social services & housing.


We provide support over a period of time to help and guide people through difficult situations, to overcome issues and barriers and change their lives for the better.


We provide individual support for people facing a range of issues. Working 1-2-1 we work with people to identify and address their main barriers, develop coping skills, improve confidence and well being


Whilst working with people to address their issues and barriers we actively support them to become stronger, more confident and gain control over their own lives.

Meet the Team

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