Clive's Story

"Clive's Own Words"

Clive self-referred to the BBO Bridges project after seeing a leaflet in his local area. Clive was at a very low point in his life and required support in many areas such as, Mental Health, Confidence and low self-esteem, reducing Isolation and engaging with other Health professionals. Clive had suffered a fall in 2010 where he fell 80ft which had a massive impact on his physical health and resulted in Clive suffering a brain injury which was an immediate barrier with regards to communication amongst other things.

On the first appointment when completing initial contact Clive was very emotional and broke down stating he was finding it hard to cope with everyday life and with the ongoing physical and mental health issues he had reached a very low point in his life and didn’t know which way to turn.

Firstly, together we started working on Clive’s priority which was booking appointments with his GP and also completing referrals for mental health support. I supported Clive to attend his health appointments to help increase his confidence which he now attends alone, and this has enabled Clive to feel in control of his own mental health, build relationships with external agencies and other working professionals to start gaining trust in others.

Clive on many occasions relapsed with his mental health and attempted to end his life as he felt rock bottom and felt he couldn’t carry on. I supported Clive to help manage this by identifying his triggers which at the time were actually his pet birds. Clive was struggling to cope with the mess and the noise from the birds and with already feeling very depressed Clive felt this was the final straw. I managed to rehome the birds by asking the local pet shop for help where Clive’s friend worked.

By this point social services were also involved to support Clive with his physical health needs which they managed to complete an OT assessment and complete the adaptations Clive needed within his home to make his day to day life a lot easier. Clive felt very positive about the recent changes in his life and felt things were finally working out and coming together. Clive started accessing the community more to reduce his isolation and also started volunteering at the Black Country Museum once a week which increased his confidence and self esteem.

In November 2018 Clive started a depression therapy course which run for 5 weeks. This is a big achievement for Clive as when I first met with him he wouldn’t engage with any group activities or even start access support for his mental health.


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