What We Do

JST is well aware of the affects that the conflict and subsequent fleeing of the war is having on Ukrainian women, children and young girls. Individuals have literally upped and left their homes, husbands and sons. They had with no option but to leave behind good jobs and careers and have been relocated to the UK within towns and areas completely alien to them and have no sense of their surroundings -this is extremely traumatic especially taking into account what they have already endured.

Added to this many have found themselves having to learn a new language and adapt to a totally different culture. Therefore, the project UK-CAN is vital. JST can overall improve the lives of these Women, children and young people who have fled their country and lives.

How We Can Support

We will provide Information Advice & Guidance support both on 1-1 & groups sessions:
This would include but is not limited to:

  • Learning about the community

  • What other services are out there to access

  • Travel training and getting to know your local community

  • Applying for Biometric cards

  • Careers advice & employability

  •  Making speculative employer approaches

  •  Accessing ESOL courses & other adult & community learning courses

  • Opportunities for children and childcare

  • Health information & registering with doctors/dentists

  • Mental health & well-being support for PTSD

  • Financing & budgeting advice

  • Making housing applications

  • Sourcing places to budget supermarkets

  • Building friendships & new social networks to reduce isolation.

  • Attend Job centre appointments & benefits advice to reduce anxiety


We are able to speak up for individuals and act on their behalf and them in a range of complex situations such as benefit assessments , appeals, with debt agencies, social services, housing.


We provide support over a period of time to help and guide people through difficult situations, to overcome issues and barriers and change their lives for the better.


We provide individual support for people facing a range of issues. Working 1-2-1 we work with people to identify and address their main barriers, develop coping skills, improve confidence and well being


Whilst working with people to address their issues and barriers we actively support them to become stronger, more confident and gain control over their own lives.