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Cynthia's Story

Cynthia came as a referral from Stourbridge Job centre. Her adviser had met with her and immediately began to make urgent referrals for support as her mental health was a serious cause for concern. Cynthia was experiencing a stressful family dispute that had also resulted in a stop to her finances. 

Cynthia was in despair and needed to reinstate her benefits as falling into arrears with her basic bills and rent and she could not afford to eat some days, this caused so much anxiety and low mood she became suicidal. 

Cynthia had been a carer for her mother and when this ended she felt like she lost her identity. Cynthia is a naturally warm and welcoming character and instantly you get that loving caring nature from her and this is where community matters supported with so much more than reinstating her money. Community matters provided Cynthia with the emotional support to then take positive steps to deal with her current issues and outlining goals on where she wants to be in the future.

With support from Rachel, Cynthia was able to make applications for support to obtain food and necessary household items that she desperately needed. Community Matters supported with appointments to engage with mental health services and to liaise with utilities to ensure that she was not being pressured by any debts she had accumulated whilst not being in receipt of benefits. Community Matters supported with applications and phone calls and IT sessions to keep on track. Cynthia was able to attend assessments relevant to bettering her mental health. 

Cynthia is now able to think about her future goals and aspirations as she is keen to return to her normality of being a natural carer.  Community Matters will continue to support Cynthia with her journey and will look at all work related activity now that Cynthia has settled from a very stressful period in time. Cynthia has been building her confidence again slowly with the emotional support being described as lifesaving…

“I have looked forward to every meeting with my Support Worker… She has been a lifesaver… I have been rock bottom now I know I am ready to move on up! And I want to thank you (JST) for being there for me”