Our Response to cost of living crisis

Over the last three years JST has supported 1409 people, enabling them to reach a point in their lives where they are happier, healthier, and feeling like they contribute to their community. Support provided during the pandemic ensured no one was left excluded or isolated, with driveway visits, emotional and crisis visits, shop and drops, digital loan schemes, and virtual support via Zoom. These are the foundations on many of the current JST projects have been built, responding to the needs of people.

The cost-of-living crisis is no different. Several factors have contributed to the cost-of-living crisis and thousands of people & families across the Black Country have found themselves in very difficult situations, especially during the winter months.  This relates to people from all different walks of life and backgrounds, JST found itself receiving many more referrals during 2022-2023 for people employed than ever before, that were pushed to crisis point and asking for help.

  The everyday expenses associated with basic necessities and daily life outpaced the income of households, leading to financial hardship and a reduced standard of living. This crisis affected various aspects of life, including housing, healthcare, education, transportation, and other essential goods and services.

JST was successful for Action on Poverty Funding via Dudley Council from Dec 2022 – June 23. We delivered two projects, Rapid Response and Swift Responder and during this period supported over 700Top of Form individuals and familes who were struggling with the cost of living crisis and were experiencing poverty. This project offered support with food, fuel & white goods to people in the community who are most in need & offered further suppport to build resilince for the future.

We are fortunate to be able to admister the Dudley Household Support Grant until March 2024 and also support Sandwell Residents with Local Welfare Applications * elibility applies* If you are a professional and would like more information on this or to make a referral then please contact us on: 01902 256 744