Full Circle

This project works with people in Dudley aged 23+ to support problem drinkers, binge drinkers, alcoholics (including high functioning) and those who are alcohol dependent. People whose alcohol intake is negatively impacting their lives

This project works with people in Dudley who are dependent on alcohol and those who have unhealthy and risky behaviours towards alcohol aged 23+

This project aims to engage, provide peer support to those that alcohol is detrimental to their physical and mental health and decision making.

Many people are functioning alcoholics they are invisible to services, maintaining employment these along with others that are spending their days in and out of pubs or drinking at home alone, are all within the remit of this project. The aim is to provide these project interventions before the impact to health is severe or too late. When we look at Diagram 3 the length of life and quality of life chart it is undeniable that each of these areas are severely impacted by the affect’s alcohol has to people’s health, emotions, relationships, housing, diet, exercise, sexual promiscuity and life expectancy. Working with Change, Grow, Live along with AA groups, hostels in Dudley, National sober groups as well as a targeted approach within the local community.

 The interventions will include but are not exhaustive to:

  • Lived experience mentoring /role modelling – whilst actively promoting the positives of engaging with all arenas of health services
  • Peer/buddy support around positive mental health and avoidance of negative triggers which result in low mental health bouts 
  • Setting small goals leading towards more positive and productive sober lifestyles
  • Social, sober sessions i.e., darts, pool, playing cards, games, chess & others
  • Contemplating and reframing mindsets for example swapping to alcohol free beer
  • “Being sober is a superpower” Sessions – Confidence, self-worth, self-belief, positive mindsets
  • Replacing negative, unhealthy hobbies with positive health related equivalents such as well-being walks, running and those activities within pubs with alcohol free options.
  • Providing social opportunities to meet new people also contemplating sobriety
  • Benefit, debt, budgeting and financial prioritising advice and guidance
  • Attending and ensuring adherence to other commitments such as Health related appointments, attending job centre plus & probation appointments
  • Signposting to housing, employment, Information, other advice and guidance services as required including counselling, therapy, AA
  • Wrap around tailored support based on individual circumstances to increase well-being and other indicators
  • Harm reduction and relapse prevention advice with practical and realistic advice from someone that has been through the same
  • Starting the process of health interventions with people and then going with them to dentists, doctors, AA (open) meeting and other hospital appointments to avoid further health complications and missed appointments
  • Promote engagement and benefits towards health across the board
  • Chaperoning participants to health appointments and engagements they may otherwise have missed
  • Offering assistance and advice regarding hardships relating to the cost of living crisis.
  • Advice & guidance around building a better future to fill the void that alcohol will undoubtedly leave behind, examples, employment, training and real achievable life goals that someone would never of thought possible when in the haze of alcohol
  • Using the lived experience voice of the drinker this project will ensure mechanisms in order for their stories to be heard, listened to, and taken forward to avoid future discrimination or stigmatised due to alcohol been an ingrained part of the British culture

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