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Mechele's Story

“Thank you to Stacey at Just Straight Talk for encouraging and supporting me with all aspects of my life. I never thought I would even be thinking of getting back into paid employment due to my disabilities but I have overcome this by thinking more positively.     

I started supporting Mechele in December 2016 when she came out of work due to her physical health problems which were starting to affect her mental health. With a range of complex needs, mental health struggles, and other personal issues Mechele had stopped leaving the house altogether, or even contemplating opening her mail. With being very isolated and socially withdrawn Mechele was finding it very hard to cope with everyday life. 

With encouragement and support in place from BBO, social services came on board to help mechele with daily living within her home to increase the ability to manage her physical health needs better by having carers in to support Mechele to live independently.

Mechele has always worked within a medical background within the NHS and wanted to return to work but wasn’t sure what she would be capable to doing due to her long standing and ongoing health issues. I supported Mechele to research local opportunities within the borough to improve her wellbeing, meet new people and engage within a group environment. This gradually helped Mechele to build up her confidence and self-esteem to access other support services to benefit her by increasing her mental health wellbeing. 

When Mechele felt in a better place where she started believing in herself again, together we started looking at different types of employment she felt she could do without it affecting her disabilities. We created a CV and cover letter and I showed Mechele various websites to sign up to and use where she would be able to job search independently. 

Even though Mechele was very well educated she also wanted to look at training and education within the local borough to increase her knowledge and improve her existing skills. Together we identified a mental health first aid course at Dudley college which Mechele felt would benefit her personally and professionally. After a discussion I supported mechele to register for the one day course where she felt confident enough to attend alone and also add this onto her CV . 

Mechele is now job searching independently and is seeking part time employment and overall feeling in a much better place since receiving support from BBO.