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Client B's Story

Case Study Dudley Hub


Referral Date:  20/02/2015

Referring Agency:  Princes Trust 

Gender:  Male
Age: 23

Barriers presented/Cohort:

Ex Offender


Low confidence

Disability Health problem 

Substance misuse



Initial Identified Needs:


Training for his CSCS card 


Details of Journey to date and mentoring interventions to support move on:

Client B has a previous conviction resulting in a custodial sentence.

Client B main issue he wanted to tackle was his homelessness and lack of I.D which he felt was holding him back from obtaining his own place to live.


Through the Support Fund he was able to obtain a copy of his Birth Certificate and we arranged the jobcentre to send a copy of his confirmation of benefit letter to JST office so that he had the required evidence to support his claim for housing/housing Benefit.


Client B was very specific in the type of accommodation that he required as he felt he could not stay in shared accommodation due to previous issues.  


Contact was made with a number of support agencies for Client B to review through a friend he was advised to contact a scheme in Wednesbury.  


We arranged a visit and completed the paperwork to start the referral process.


Client B required a risk assessment from someone who had known him longer than he had been with Talent Match so we contacted his former parole officer who agreed to complete the form for him.    


From that referral Client B has moved into to a flat within supported scheme in West Bromwich.


Part of the agreement attached to living in the scheme is to work on his independent living skills and job search activity. 


Recognised Outcomes: (tick all that apply)
Improved confidence, motivation and optimism.
Taking responsibility for co-designing own support package.

Access training development.

Access participate in work experience placements.

Participated in volunteering opportunities.

Secured employment (including self-employment).

Secured employment, take up training or further education or create their own employment and enterprise.

Improved access to better quality local employment and training.


Improved and better co-ordinated pathways into positive economic activity.