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If you are currently not engaging with any kind of employment (paid or unpaid), training or education, then we are here to support you with finding your new direction and “making it happen” in terms of your next steps.

There are literally hundreds of ways in which we can support you, however, we will give you some examples of how the 1:1 work we provide will help you to reach your potential and build a lasting career.

The ways we will support you differ from person to person dependant on your needs, however, below is a selection of some of the steps we will undertake to help you with moving closer towards employment, training, education, self employment or social enterprising, giving you skills which should last until you reach retirement age.

  • – Help to contact a range of local employers
  • – Support with finding work experience placements and references
  • – Help with self confidence
  • – Help completing application forms
  • – Interview techniques
  • – Career options and advice
  • – Completing CV’s
  • – Information, advice and guidance on a range of things including training and education
  • – Learn new skills and techniques to enhance your lifestyle
  • – Motivation and mentoring
  • – 12 step employability training

Problems with loan sharks? Help and support available:

Anyone can be a victim of a loan shark – your family, friends, neighbours and even you.

Loan Sharks – What Can I Do V2

It’s not always easy to spot a loan shark as they come in all shapes and sizes and will at first appear friendly, just part of the community. It is when you can’t pay that they will turn on you.

A loan shark is someone who lends cash as an unauthorised business.

If someone is struggling to pay a debt the loan shark will resort to threats, violence and intimidation to get what he thinks you owe, even if the debt has been paid off several times over.


A loan shark will typically have little paperwork and, will add penalty charges for late payments. Sometimes they will add random sums to the bill.


Many victims keep paying because they think they can afford the agreed weekly sum, but they don’t realise how much their continuing weekly payments add up to or they are to afraid to stop payments.


Our advice is that you should never go to a loan shark. They do not provide a community service; they are simply out to make money.


What is being done to stop this?


The Illegal Money Lending Team investigates illegal money lending and any related offences- in the past this has included violence, blackmail, drugs offences, threats, kidnap and even rape.


If you think you may be involved with a loan shark, call the team in confidence on


0300 555 2222.

Text ‘loan shark + your message’ to 60003


E-mail reportaloanshark@stoploansharks.gov.uk

Log-on to www.direct.gov.uk/stoploansharks

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