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Star People

The Star People Programme


An exciting resource for all Big Local areas is the Star People Awards, delivered by UnLtd, one of the national Big Local partners. The aim of Unltd’s Star People programme is to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live: our Star People. These are individuals with ideas that can improve their area, both big and small, that they are willing to lead. We support Star People by providing a tailored package of funding and support to help their ideas become a reality.

UnLtd is a national Big Local Partner. We are bringing our own match funding from the UnLtd Millennium Awards Trust joined with monies from the Big Local Programme to create Awards for the Star People programme to the residents of all 150 areas. We have from the initial design of the programme been part of the Big Local’s innovative package, providing a different yet complimentary mechanism across England.

We will, over the life of the scheme and across all the areas, seek to contribute to the outcome of improving the Big Local area and enhancing the skills and opportunities of residents.

Just Straight Talk is a Big Local Star Partner, meaning that we can find and support individuals living or wanting to set up a social enterprise within East Coseley. We are looking for people passionate about their area or idea with a “can do” attitude that want to make a difference, support is offered in terms of mentoring and financial backing.

For more info please call the office or drop in and have a chat.