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We're looking for employers to help people back in to work by offering work experience.

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Just Straight Talk are assisting people by linking them up with local employers every day.

However JST cannot do this alone, they need local employers like you to be able to bridge the gap by offering work experience to people within the Black Country.

By working with JST to offer their clients valuable work experience, your company may also benefit in the following ways.

– JST is funded by Supporting People at Dudley Council and provides information back to the council on employers that are willing to offer an individual some experience, therefore this enhances your public profile of addressing social issues, such as unemployment and deprivation.
– It gives you a steady stream of people to trial if you were thinking of recruiting in the future, as JST will only send you enthusiastic, committed and motivated individuals.
– Offering and taking on individuals for work placements can also assist you to develop your current workforce by offering them the opportunity to progress by supervising those on placement.
– If you take someone on for a work placement, this is free of charge. We would just need to complete a short health & safety checklist.
– Helps you to access a wider range of talent and may give a fresh outlook or new energy reflecting your younger customers.
– Potential to offer paid work in the future to an individual that has completed a work placement with you.

You can find out more by writing an e-mail to us at or reading our booklet about work placements by clicking this link.