We strongly promote independence in the work we do with our clients. Our action plans are tailored with you not for you, and you make and shape the support that you need, when you need it. We have a range of interventions in place aimed at giving you lasting skills to go it alone when you exit the JST project.

It is imperative to look at each individual on their own merits and meet them at whatever stage of development they are currently at, in order to ensure the building blocks are in place to develop and create a personal progressive and a mutually agreed assessment plan which meets the individual’s requirements and empowers them to fulfil their objectives.

Here at JST we involve our clients throughout all aspects of the service we run.We ensure our individuals are consulted with around areas such as branding, recruitment, flyers and future plans. JST has a small group of current and previous clients that currently meet and explore options for changes to the way the service currently runs. Management also have a client involvement plan in place which is reviewed annually with a client support and input into this plan.

JST regularly takes on its clients for work placements and volunteering at the project, ensuring full training in the role of support work and admin work are given. This in turn has resulted in many of its clients moving on into full time paid work as well as an increase in their confidence, self esteem and motivation.